Shaktimaan - 26 EP X 22 Min, 2D HD Flash animation series

Shaktimaan is an animated action series about a young college student named Vehaan Arya who has trained with 7 gurus in the Himalayas and gained amazing yogic super powers. But when another of the gurus’ students, Kilvish, turns his powers toward evil, Vehaan is forced to leave the Himalayas and go to Indus city where he takes on the super persona of Shaktimaan in order to stop Kilvish from wreaking havoc.


While attending Indus City University as his "cover", Vehaan becomes the assistant to the brilliant but wacky head of the computer science department, Professor Gyani. In Gyani’s lab, Vehaan monitors Kilvish’s activity via the tracking satellites. He also meets the professor’s oddball computer, Louise, who has been programmed with a personality that mimics Gyani’s dearly departed mother.


In addition to Vehaan’s best friend and roommate, Bumpy, he also becomes friends with Leena Ray, a beautiful journalism student who desperately wants to get a "big scoop" so she can get a real job as a broadcast journalist. When Leena learns about Shaktimaan and his amazing super powers she knows that he is the scoop she’s been waiting for. If she can get an exclusive video and interview of Shaktimaan she’s certain her broadcast dream will come true. Leena’s brother Chikoo will head the pack of the kids who adores Shaktimaan.


In each episode, Kilvish will devise another evil scheme to achieve his goal of global chaos so he can prove the 7 gurus were wrong in choosing Shaktimaan over him. With the help of his two bumbling henchmen, Tick and Tock, Kilvish’s ruthless schemes from monsters to natzural disasters to plagues to alien invasions will put the world in such danger that only Shaktimaan can stop. Joining hands with Kilvish will be Dr. Jakol the evil mastermind and archenemy of Professor Gyani.


For the much-needed comic relief and entertainment, General D’Goze, head of a secret military commando unit, will futilely attempt to thwart Kilvish’s evil plots only to comically fail each time. Goze despises Shaktimaan for being the true hero and getting all the credit and news coverage, which D’Goze believes he rightly deserves. Joining the ensemble cast will be ACP as well whose endless bragging and his false bravado and trying to score over Shaktimaan will make the series come alive even more.


But in the end it will be Shaktimaan who defeats Kilvish’s evil plots, emerging as the greatest hero the world has ever known.


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Shaktimaan - 26 EP X 22 Min, 2D HD Flash animation series