Big Bees Jr. - Alphabets

Big Bees Jr. is a compilation of 39 rhymes and one song for pre-school kids all over the country and internationally too. The refreshingly colorful natural ambiance and the unique depiction of bees as the central characters who are ever so fun loving and vibrant has drawn attention of both kids and parents alike. It is hard not to love the caring Mombees, the cute little Chubees and the hilarious Wonnabees who feature in the stylized animated rhymes. While it showcasing almost every popular rhyme for preschool kids, the interactive presentation between the characters where the Mombee is teaching the Chubees how to sing the rhymes makes every kid memorize the rhymes faster than ever.


Big Bees Jr. has created its niche owing to the exquisite quality parameters of 3D animation and wonderful musical aspect. It has won the prestigious TASI "Viewer’s Choice Award" at Anifest.

A Package of 39 Rhymes Plus 1 Song

Big Bees Jr.
Winner of
TASI "Viewer's Choice" Award.

Its surely a must have for every toddler in the country. The parents will be glad to find their kiddos glued to the screen learning their nursery rhymes while being thoroughly entertained too. Along with the rhymes the package consists of a Big Bee Jr. rhyme book, Big Bees Jr. coloring book and also sing along (karaoke) option.